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Layla breaks up with Spencer after learning what happened between him and Olivia in Las Vegas. Spencer ends up playing one-on-one football with Jabari, a mouthy former Crenshaw player, and losing. Coop and Kia are the finalists for Homecoming Queen with Spencer and Chris up for Homecoming King. But Coop and Spencer still aren't speaking. Coach Billy is concerned about a lack of depth because of Carter's elevated GPA policy. Because of his grudge against Billy, Carter refuses to change the policy. Grace won the bid to redesign the garden at South Crenshaw. Laura allows Olivia and Jordan to take a mental-health day. Vanessa brings a Mexican pastry for Asher. She invites him to go to a drive-in but he blows her off. Carter is holding up Jabari's transcripts from juvie, keeping him off the team. Jordan tries to get Olivia to open up. He pushes her to rebuild bridges. Layla tears into Spencer for stringing her along and not having faith in her ability to handle a breakup. Coop brings back a box of things for Spencer but Grace won't accept it. Montes moves Asher to second team to help out another player. He lets slip that he and Vanessa are close friends. Billy tells Spencer not to be afraid to ask for help. Olivia attempts to make up with Layla but they get into a public argument instead. Spencer has set up a tutoring program for the players struggling academically. Jabari joins the team and offers to help tutor. Vanessa tells Asher she wants to just be friends. Coop bows out of running for queen. She's quitting school. Carter thinks Billy was the one caused his leaving South Crenshaw. Olivia gives Spencer a ride home. She tells him she loves him too. Then they crash. She's been drinking. 

All American
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All American Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

They shouldn't have to rely on sports to make something of themselves.

Carter [to Billy]

You've got to talk to Carter.

Spencer [to Billy]