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Billy tries to fire up the South Crenshaw team, which has been feeling the pressure of having to winMo' the state championship. Spencer tells Coop and Patience he and Olivia are taking things slow. Laura agrees to host the rehearsal dinner. Simone has decide to go to Bringston and Jordan offers to go with her. Grace and D'angelo are getting closer and Spencer is angry when he finds out. Spencer snaps at both D'angelo and Billy about South Crenshaw. Spencer tells Coop about Preach's daughter. Carrie argues against Layla going to Vegas for Coop's show. Coop confronts Preach about not telling her about his daughter. Trying to understand Carter, Spencer asks Grace what he sees in D'angelo. Olivia tells Layla about Carrie turning her away after Friendsgiving. Carter tells Spencer he's come around on South Crenshaw and hopes the team wins. Simone is getting cold feet about having Jordan go to Bringston. Olivia urges her to talk to Jordan about her doubts. Simone tells Jordan his dreams are in California. They decide not to get remarried but rather to opt for an open marriage, which each chasing separately chasing their dreams. Carrie stayed at Layla's studio and Layla is suspicious. She borrows Carrie's phone and calls her mother. Billy asks Laura to get remarried and she agrees. So they do since everything they needed was there already. Spencer and Olivia locks eyes at the ceremony. Carter tells Billy and Spencer that the school board agreed not to convert South Crenshaw into a magnet school. Carter is staying as principal. Preach introduces Coop to Amita. Mo's trap for Coop has been set by gettng Preach to stay home. Carrie ran away from home. Jordan gives Olivia advice about blending recovery and romance. So she runs to Spencer's house and they kiss. 

All American
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All American Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Spencer: You've got to be kidding me.
Grace: In my house, you listen first.

I'm your husband, Simone. Wherever you go, I'll be right there with you.

Jordan [to Simone]