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Spencer goes to see a sports psychologist, Dr. Sears, about his arm weakness. Billy's father Willie unexpectedly shows up. Jordan is worried about Simone's behavior. Sears points out he needs to determine the stumbling point for his problem. Darnell is leaving to visit his wounded mother. Layla agrees to produce Coop's video. Spencer and Olivia reach an agreement. Simone comes to see Jordan. She's having second thoughts about giving up her son Shea for adoption. Willie visits Billy about Jordan. He thinks Jordan is too wrapped up in Simone to worry about his future. Asher's concerned that he and Olivia never see each other any more. Sears tells Spencer he's in love with Olivia. He asks Spencer to write down everything he remembers about the night of the shooting. Jordan visits Tarik, the adoptive father of Simone's son, who doesn't respond well to the possibility of her having second thoughts. Dillon's sad about Darnell leaving. Spencer talks with Darnell, who's disconsolate that he has to leave. Layla couldn't get Patience out of her contract with J.P. Simone is unhappy that Jordan spoke with Tarik. Simone is taking her baby back. No one understands Jordan choosing Simone over football. Grace throws a surprise party for Darnell. Billy brings Jordan so he and Spencer can talk. They make up. Spencer suggests Jordan let Simone pick up her son alone, rather than skipping his team photo at the same time. Dillon gives Darnell a T-shirt with his and Corey's photo on it. Layla shoots Coop's video at Crenshaw. Layla sues J.P. since Patience was a minor when she signed. Asher helps out coaching his teammates. Simone changes her mind and leaves Shea with his adoptive parents. They invite her to be in his life. Spencer determine that he blames Coop for his getting shot. 

All American
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All American Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

You know, phones work too.

Billy [to Willie]

Right now music is my focus. It's my therapy.

Coop [to Spencer]