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Layla asked Spencer what really happened in Vegas last summer. In a flashback, the gang turns up to support Coop on her tour stop. J.P. got them a suite. Patience isn't happy singing the bubble-gum pop J.P. gives her instead of her own music. Spencer tells Coop he misses hanging with her. Jordan informs Layla that he loves Simone. Layla asks about Olivia, who didn't show up. No one wants to party with J.J. Spencer and Layla are awkward around each other. Olivia shows up to surprise Spencer. Olivia pushes Spencer to make a move on Layla. Coop urges Patience to talk with J.P. about her music. J.P. is looking for songs for L'il Jewel. A psychic saleswoman gives Spencer and Olivia a reading and says one of them is hiding something. Patience plays her song for J.P. Olivia finds a marriage license for Jordan and Simone, who plan to get married that night. Spencer and Olivia agree to take part. Coop pushes Layla about Spencer. Olivia confronts Simone about getting married too quickly. Spencer does the same to Jordan. A couple of strippers show up at the suite looking for J.J. They end up mediating the debate between Jordan and Spencer. Jewel lets Patience know that J.P. is having her record Patience's song. Spencer and Olivia are uninvited from the wedding. Patience spies J.P. and Jewel making out. Olivia and Spencer show up for the ceremony. Patience doesn't tell Coop what had happened to her. During the ceremony, Spencer and Olivia lock eyes with each other. Jordan and Simone get married. Coop tells Layla to go get her man Spencer. Spencer went back and got Olivia the necklace she liked. They kiss. He tells her he loves her. She runs. Then Layla shows up to claim him. Olivia flies to Mexico. 

All American
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All American Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Spencer: I don't think Vegas likes me.
Layla: She just has to warm up to you.

It's Vegas time, baby!