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A Texas North Tech recruiter, Coach Barnum, comes to practice to watch Spencer. Olivia is concerned about a dejected Jordan, who sits around playing videogames. Laura is pushing for an annulment of Jordan's marriage to Simone. A distracted Layla helps Coop study for her GED. Grace meets Principal Carter's daughter Jasmine, who is Dillon's friend. Spencer is worried about receiving a scholarship offer. Nurse Joy picks up on the chemistry between Olivia and Spencer. J.J. and Asher check in on Jordan but he drives them away with nastiness. J.J. takes his console. Coop offers to hire Preach as her tutor. Grace finds out Carter is a widower. Barnum wants to promote Spencer as a bad boy through social media. A handful of people show up for a flower vigil for Tamika, shot by the police. Coop raps for Tamika at the vigil. Olivia feels a connection with Tamika and Spencer attempts to comfort her. Olivia vows to fight for justice. Grace and Dillon run into Carter and Jasmine at a diner. Grace informs him that Jasmine is getting her period. Jordan drops by to see Spencer. He asks Spencer how he handled his football career nearly being over. Coop is trying to help Spencer make a decision. Billy calls in his team to discuss financial literacy in a six-week class. Coop sends Spencer of himself a video to remind him of his dream. Olivia pushes Laura to release the body-cam footage. Spencer tells Barnum that TNT has to take him the way he is. Layla stops by to visit Olivia. She brought back Olivia's Wonder Woman pin. Olivia views the body-cam footage on Laura's laptop. Barnum reminds Billy about how he beat up Carter. Olivia releases the body-cam footage on her podcast and calls for defunding police. 

All American
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All American Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Can you make some noise the next time you approach?

Coop [to Preach]

Fixating on other people's problems to avoid your issues, that can be an addiction too.

Nurse Joy [to Olivia]