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Toledo State's Coach Hudson wants Spencer to start training this spring so he can play as a true freshman. Jordan shows Billy his recruitment video but no programs are responding. By winning the state championship, Montes is coaching one team in the All American all-star game. Asher's scholarship gets rescinded. Montes invites Asher to coach in the all-star game but he declines. Preach and Layla discuss how to handle the reluctant Coop. Preach's daughter Aleta asks Coop about the night Coop and Mo got shot. Coop and Preach argue. Olivia talks with her sponsor about how to handle intimacy with Spencer. Montes tells Jordan that his concussions are scaring off recruiters. Grace is disturbed that there's still a rift between Spencer and Billy. Billy suggests a junior college to Jordan and he agrees. Grace bursts in to confront Billy. Coop informs Spencer that she will make up with Preach and Layla. Billy admits he was mad at Spencer because he couldn't see that Jordan was suffering. Grace tells him it's time to make up with Spencer now. Spencer and Olivia's date starts at an arcade. Coop and Preach apologize to each other. Both are concerned about Aleta's angry reaction to Mo's death. Layla and Asher make out in her studio. Spencer and Olivia talk about their intimacy. Billy calls Spencer. He gives an emotional talk to South Crenshaw's seniors and gives them their own team rings. Afterward, Layla and Asher talk about finding his new direction. He lets slip that Coop was done with music. Layla threatens to finish Coop's album with her newly signed artist. She makes Coop sign over the rights to her music. Montes invites Billy to be her assistant coach at the all-star game. Spencer finds out the coach who recruited him left the Toledo State program.

All American
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All American Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Olivia: I've hooked up with my boyfriends before but this time I'm freaking out.
Joy: You're freaking out because it's real.

How about you take care of your own damn problems and stop making them mine?

Preach [to Coop]