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Preach isn't concerned about the new evidence that the cops claim to have against Coop. J.P. hands over five artists to Layla for her label. J.P. is reducing his role at his label and Layla wonders why. Grace introduces Billy to counselor Regina Ross, the search committee's choice for principal. Preach gets arrested at South Crenshaw for Mo's murder. Grace is upset with Billy for giving Preach a job at the school. Laura agrees to defend Preach. Laura explains the new evidence doesn't show Mo shooting Coop. Preach decides he's going down for the murder. But he asks Laura to bring Amina to him so he can tell her the truth. Layla tells Jordan that J.P. must be dying. He suggests that he go to dinner with Layla and J.P. that night so they can talk. Grace urges Billy to give up campaigning for the principal job but he won't. Spencer tries to get Grace to change her mind. Amina storms off during Preach's explanation. Amina opts to stay with Coop so she can find out why Coop lied about shooting Mo. J.P. is stepping aside because he has met someone, Erin. Laura gets the evidence tape analyzed, proving that Mo shot first. She got Preach out with only a year added to his probation for the weapons violation. Coop gives Patience a painting and asked for a fresh start. Billy, Jabari, and Amina honor Preach at the art show. Preach changes his mind and asks Billy if he can continue as tutor. Grace won't come around however. Layla asks to meet Erin. J.P. tells Layla to take a chance at romance. Spencer says Grace should talk to somebody about the changes in her life. Coop gets arrested for obstruction of justice.

All American
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All American Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

My pop used to always say, "Keep your chin up so your crown won't fall down."

Coop [to Amina]

This was the last things those kids needed to see was another black man being dragged off to jail by the cops.