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Laura is nervous about a meeting that could lead to her first new case. A soccer player named Dovita suggests a social-media makeover for Spencer to help get him back on Coach Garrett's radar. Doing scutwork for Coach Montes, Asher notices JJ is failing a course. JJ agrees to Asher's suggestion that he get a tutor for help on his essay. Spencer agrees to work on Dovita on rebranding his narrative. In her meeting, Laura gets ripped by a mother whose first-time-offender son was sent to prison for 10 years during her tenure. Olivia strongarms her roommates into a game night. Dovita pushes Spencer to attend the gym launch for publicity's sake. Grace attempts to get Laura to see it's going to take time to change the perception of her in the community. Olivia and Dovita don't hit it off immediately. A frustrated Olivia calls off game night. JJ's tutor Raj gives him a refund and urges him to get more personal on his essay. Saffron agrees to another meeting with Laura as a courtesy to Grace. She comes around and wants Laura to represent her son. Olivia tells Spencer that she's worried that he's so concerned with impressing Garrett that he's starting to forget who he is. Coop realizes that she and Patience have found their way back to being friends. JJ reveals to Raj that he survived a car crash and never told his friends about it. Miss Rita tells Coop not to be in a rush to fix things. Coop calls a house meeting to talk about dealing with change. Dovita just wanted to change Spencer's opinion of himself. Thanks to his initiative with JJ, Montes is going to let Asher shadow him at the next game. Spencer asks Garrett to switch to special teams.

All American
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All American Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Every accomplishment is worth celebrating.

Olivia [to Spencer]

Olivia: There's nothing that a blueberry scone can' fix.
Coop: A scone? That's the white side of you coming out. Black folk don't eat nothing firmer than cornbread.