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Coach Garrett is going to start Spencer at gunner on special teams. Layla is pressuring Patience for an album title. Spencer decides it would be wiser not to interfere with Olivia's NIL story. Davita cautions Spencer that he's nowhere near landing a big NIL deal. Olivia's editor shoots down her NIL story. Spencer and Olivia get into an argument over the value of NILs. Miss Rita's earrings are missing and Coop pointed at her grandfather Skye. Jordan lies for quarterback Wade missing practice. Spencer confronts him about it. Billy gives Olivia some perspective about money in college football. Garret busts Wade for attending a sponsorship event and benches him for the next game. A nervous Billy runs in for the watch party. Coop is stalking Skye on social media. Spencer misses a tackle and the other team scores. Jordan tries to reassure him but Spencer blames himself. Jaymee gets to meet Asher's two of Asher's exes, Olivia and Layla. She also makes a saliant observation about the gang's interactions. Spencer strips a runner during a punt return and recovers the fumble. Jordan gets sent in when the backup QB is injured. He has a forgetable series then Spencer gives him a pep talk. Jordan throws the winning touchdown but doesn't see it because he's knocked flat on his back. Skye had the earrings made into a necklace for Miss Rita. Olivia and Davita have a do-over and talk about NILs. Olivia and Spencer make up. Wade drops Jordan from his Vegas trip because of Jordan's onfield success. Patience takes "Welcome to the Vortex" for her album title. Spencer invites a moping Jordan to join them then Olivia drags him down to watch replays of the game. Olivia writes a story about Wade being benched. Spencer makes the national highlights.

All American
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All American Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Baby girl, if you think there's a story, there's a story. Follow your instincts.

Billy [to Olivia]

Olivia: Don't worry. I started without you.
Spencer: I know better than get between you and a sandwich.