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Jordan is trying to complete Billy's things-to-do list. He feels compelled to become the man of the house. The housemates confront Olivia about Laura's den-mother tendency. Jordan, then Spencer, meet with A.D. Barnes. Jordan is blindsided by Spencer's transfer. Barnes is betting on sympathy for Billy's death and Jordan to save GAU football. Coach Kenny explains Barnes' P.R. strategy to Jordan. Patience runs into her superfan/stalker Miko. Spencer and Kia plan a get-together at his home. Olivia also didn't know about Spencer transferring. Jordan explains his dilemma to Olivia, who suggests talking with Spencer. At his gathering, Spencer blows off Jordan's call, which Fausto notices. Instead of preparing for the disciplinary committee meeting, Jordan is doing household repairs. Spencer blows off Flip when he asks about GAU football. When Kia confronts him about it, he tells her to mind her business. The housemates take Laura out for a spa day. Olivia points out to Laura that she's mothering too much, which Laura doesn't receive well. Patience worries that she's alienating her original fans. She wants to do a post for Miko's fan site. Jordan shows up at Spencer's party but Spencer gives him little satisfaction because he's sworn off GAU football. Laura confides in Jordan that she would always have to call a professional to repair anything that Billy had fixed. Fausto calls out Spencer for hiding from his problems in Crenshaw instead of dealing with them. Layla encourages Jordan to do what he knows is right with the disciplinary committee. Jordan revs up the team. Kia tells Spencer to deal with his grief and stop using as an excuse. Laura explains to Olivia that she's still doing her wifely routine. Jordan stands up to Barnes and tells him that the team sent an email detailing what they want. Coach Kenny is hired. 

All American
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All American Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

GAU football is a family, man. We all faced the same choice. And the right guys are still here.

Coach Kenny [to Jordan]

Jordan Baker is the future of GAU football.