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Spencer is still processing Olivia's leaving for her three-month internship in London.

Olivia seconded Coop's idea about Laura trying to teach.

Preach offers to be there for Jordan. J.J. wants to know who brought an engagement ring into the beach house. Spencer plans a special last day for Olivia. Jaymee spies the ring on a counter.

A panicked Jaymee flees to Layla for advice. Patience encourages Coop to talk to Skye. Grace made Olivia a blanket made up on Billy's old shirts.

Asher's father reacts negatively to Jaymee's pregnancy, and Asher kicks him out of their lives. Spencer reenacts their first day together at Beverly High School, then gives Liv a book, drawn by Dillon, of British slang terms.

Grace advises Laura to keep busy to avoid dealing with empty-nest syndrome. Everyone gathers at the beach house for Olivia's surprise party. Coop informs Patience she broke up with Skye. J.J. organizes a game of beach football to cut the tension, boys against girls.

Jordan storms off because Layla isn't taking the game seriously. It becomes clear the ring J.J. found is his, and Layla isn't ready for that next step. Jordan meets with Preach. Preach tells him life is short and not to waste time fighting with those he loves.

Coop admits she still has feelings for Patience. Everything gathers around the firepit and says their goodbyes to Olivia. Asher invites his father to talk and lays down some guidelines for Harold staying in his family.

Jordan encourages Spencer to inform Liv how he feels. Spencer races to the airport to catch up with Olivia. Jaymee tells Asher she doesn't want to get married yet.

They're having a boy. Jordan proposes to Layla, and she accepts. Spencer tells Liv he loves her. They kiss before she leaves. Miko stabs Patience.

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