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At the rehearsal dinner, Jordan and Layla are making out in a bedroom and almost get caught by Olivia. Laura and Denise abduct Grace. Grace's estranged sister LaReesha got invited. Billy and Preach take D'Angelo out for drinks. J.J. organizes a Vortex meeting in the kitchen. He has decided to escape the party and throw a game night. The game he picks is "Who is Most Likely." As the women stumbles out of the bar, two cops approach them. They're strippers arranged for by Denise. D'Angelo, Billy, and Preach start at a cigar bar. Secrets start to spill out at Game Night. Grace loves the plastic truck that Laura and Denise got her but barely responds to the expensive necklace LaReesha gives her. Patience and Olivia take off, hoping the party at the Baker house is over. Preach realizes that he's getting old just like D'Angelo and Billy. LaReesha inspires Grace to go back to their old neighborhood. Spencer and Coop talk about how they still care for Olivia and Patience, despite having broken up. D'Angelo and Billy see the drunken women outside the cigar bar and Preach escapes home. Grace shimmies up a pole to steal a street sign. The real cops show up. Spencer helps Olivia clean up after the party. He tells her he's not seeing anyone and he hasn't moved on. They start making out. Spencer and Olivia are in bed when Coop calls to tell him that the adults are in jail. They make it to the wedding ceremony just in time. Grace drives away LaReesha from her wedding prep. Grace and D'Angelo get married. Preach snags the garter. Grace hands the bouquet to Denise. LaReesha tries to apologize in her toast. Patience sings. Coop gets wait-listed at GAU. J.J. remembers Layla and Jordan kissing.

All American
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All American Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Olivia: Is everything OK?
Spencer: Dillon's acting like he's too good to dance for money.

I'm really liking this mature new version of you.

Layla [to Jordan]