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As Spike is taken away to have his hearing tested with the equipment Zach bought, Zach, Ryan Erica, Annie, Jack and Kendall deal individually with their internal anguish and guilt. As he deals with his own anger in his mind, Ryan lashes out at Greenlee, blaming her for the pain and anger everyone is feeling and guessing that no one can stop her.


Erica (Susan Lucci) is set off as she watches a pair of happy parents gushing over their healthy baby while "her Kendall" agonizes over one tragedy after another. She wonders who is going to fix this and put a smile back on her daughter's face. Later, Erica reaches out to her mother and asks Mona for help. Paging through a photo album with pictures of Emma, Annie admits her fear that they will find out the secret she is keeping.

Zach's anger, of course, stems from Ryan, the man he claims put everything in motion when he decided to drive his motorcycle off the cliff.


Josh (Colin Egglesfield) forces Greenlee to relive the car accident by taking her to the crash site and forcing her to stay there until she deals with what the consequences of what she did. As the memories from that night flash back, Greenlee relives the horror and her guilt over what has happened. Joe reports to Kendall and Zach that Spike came through the MRI well and that the doctor will soon have the test results for them.

All My Children
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