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PART ONE: As they maintain their vigil at Pine Valley Hospital, Zach and Ryan ponder the fate of both their sons. Aidan finds a drunken Greenlee whooping it up with Wheeler at The Comeback.

PART TWO: Feeling helpless, Annie decides to go to Fusion and do some work instead of moping around the hospital. Bianca phones her sister after hearing about Spike's prognosis. Aidan punches Wheeler out before dragging Greenlee from the bar. Kendall tearfully admits to Bianca how torn she is over her ailing babies.

PART THREE: A leery Ryan questions Zach's remark that he's already "taken care of" Greenlee. Annie tells a startled Di how she placed a call to someone from their past. Jackson offers Kendall his sympathy during a quiet moment together in the pediatric ICU. Greenlee grumbles to Aidan about the way he's been meddling in her private affairs.

PART FOUR: Zach icily reminds Ryan why he holds him personally responsible for everything which has transpired in recent weeks. Kendall implores an anguished Jackson to face up to what his daughter has done and see to it that Greenlee is punished for her sins. Ryan snipes at Zach for the role he's played in Spike and Ian's troubles.

PART FIVE: Aidan (Aiden Turner) advises Greenlee to come clean with Kendall about abducting Spike and then take responsibility for her actions. Zach brings Spike to the NICU to meet his new baby brother.

All My Children
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