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PART ONE: Kendall awakens to find her son's crib empty, Greenlee standing over her chair in the pediatric ICU. After a nurse reassures her that Spike is with Zach, Kendall turns her fury on her guest. Back at Fusion, Di nervously stonewalls when Ryan comes looking for his wife. Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) pays a visit to her deaf father and asks for his help.

PART TWO: Jonathan escorts Ava to the yacht club, where she enjoys being fawned over by staff and fellow diners alike. Kendall bitterly reminds Greenlee how their "friendship" always winds up causing her much pain. Annie's angry dad labels her a hypocrite, then orders her to get out and leave him alone. Pressed for answers by Ryan, Di tells him that Annie is out researching ways to assist Spike.

PART THREE: Ava and JR trade insults during an encounter at the marina. A tearful Greenlee begs Kendall for her forgiveness. Annie's persistence finally pays off when her father agrees to give her the name of the woman who helped him after he lost his hearing. Jonathan commends Ava for making her dreams come true. As Di sidesteps Babe's queries about their mutual friend, Annie weeps at her mother's grave.

All My Children
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