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PART ONE: Ryan brings Spike home and is taken aback to find Greenlee there with Annie. Meanwhile, Kendall moans to Zach that Spike belongs with her. At The Comeback, Tad and Krystal try to cheer Aidan up in the wake of his break-up with Di (Kelli Giddish). Ryan hisses at Greenlee to keep her distance from his family, then threatens to take out a restraining order if necessary.

PART TWO: Desperate for publicity, Ava ponders the best way to get her name in the tabloids. Zach attempts to gently bring his wife's over-the-top histrionics to an end. Though Greenlee implores him to believe that his son will hear again, Ryan icily declares that he will never forgive her for hurting Spike. Amanda reminds an annoyed Ava why she has to toe the line and stick to business. Krystal drags Aidan (Aiden Turner) onto the dance floor, where he quickly proves to have two left feet.

: Dr. Hilliard reports to an agitated Greenlee that he cannot help Spike because the child's father refuses to agree to the treatment. Already unnerved by the anonymous phone calls, Annie frets about Spike's safety while under her roof. An amused Tad teases Aidan about his clumsy efforts to line dance. Spotting a photographer at the bar, Ava decides to create a stir and plants a kiss on a startled Amanda.

Aidan begins investigating Dr. Hilliard.

All My Children
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