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Babe listens as Amanda vents about Ava. Babe (Alexa Havins) points out that Amanda has the experience and smarts to deal with whatever Ava might throw at her.

Episode Guide, Part I

  • Kendall is outraged when Dr. Hilliard informs her that he won't be taking Spike on as a patient and takes her anger out on Ryan (Cameron Mathison).
  • Ryan agrees to meet with Dr. Hilliard, who refuses to change his mind about treating Spike.
  • Kendall appears to agree with Ryan's reasoning that they don't need Dr. Hilliard after all.

Episode Guide, Part II

  • Once Ryan leaves, Kendall faces off with Dr. Hilliard, insisting he treat Spike.
  • Annie admits to Babe that something is troubling her but doesn't elaborate.
  • Babe urges Annie to be honest with Ryan.
  • Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) gets a disturbing delivery of a watch with a note attached referring to an upcoming anniversary.


Zach bonds with Ian while undergoing a procedure known as "kangarooing," where the baby is placed on the parent's bare chest. Greenlee is a new person while doped up on pain medication.

All My Children
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