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Part 1: Advising Ryan that Spike may be in the hospital for another week before he's pronounced healthy, Joe worries to Ryan about his own health because of all the time he's spent at the hospital. Annie and Emma surprise Ryan with a special picnic. Explaining how she can't help her two sons because she can't be with them at the same time, Kendall cries to Zach (Thorsten Kaye) that she's a horrible mother. Zach makes her realize that just the opposite is true.

Part 2: Greenlee starts to write a letter of apology to Kendall in which she admits the many mistakes she's made since she came back to Pine Valley but then realizes that she wouldn't even read it because she doesn't care. She slips into the hospital and makes her way in to see Spike. She apologizes to the sleeping baby. Seeing Greenlee there, Kendall tries to attack her. Afterwards, Zach fears something is wrong with Spike because he didn't wake during the commotion. With Lenny changing the location for the drug deal from the boat house to the shore, Derek asks Ava to wear a wire but warns that she must keep the drug dealer's hands off her.

Part 3: While Jack assures her she doesn't have to do this, Ava fears Lenny will kill her but Derek convinces her she'll be safe and gives her the code word "impossible." The two worry later when Lenny senses something is wrong and wants Ava to remove her shirt.

All My Children
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