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PART I: Joe, Ruth and Opal help Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) prepare a surprise birthday party for Tad. Though Hilliard advises her to leave his office, Kendall stands her ground and demands that the doctor take Spike on as a patient. Shaken to receive a "gift" with an ominous sounding note, Annie tells a skeptical Ryan the package came from her dad as way of an apology.

PART II: Jonathan (Jeff Branson) promises Ava a night of fun as long as she agrees not to play celebrity for one evening. Wes joins the bartending crew at The Comeback. An excited Tad shows JR his brand new big screen plasma TV. After holding Ian for the first time, Zach tells Erica how he envisioned his tiny son growing to be a strong, healthy boy.

Upon hearing the whole of Kendall's sad tale, Dr. Hilliard finally agrees to treat her son.

PART III: Krystal admits to Ava how her over-the-top stunt actually brought extra business into the bar. Josh tells a pleased Joe he's getting used to being part of the Martin clan. Meanwhile, JR attempts to coax Tad away from his new toy and over to The Comeback in time for his birthday bash without giving away the surprise. A terrified Annie privately vows to protect her husband from the sins of her past.

All My Children
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