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Part 1: As Kendall attacks Greenlee and sends a metal tray crashing to the floor, Zach notices that Spike didn't react to the harsh sound. Joe brings in a colleague to help diagnose the baby's problem while Ryan lays into Greenlee for the unending source of anguish she has brought back with her to Pine Valley. He blames her for Spike's problems. Later, Zach promises Ryan that he'll take care of Greenlee. As Greenlee watches Spike's family nervously waiting for word on the baby, someone grabs her and take her away.

Part 2: Joe (Ray MacDonnell) explains to Ryan, Zach, Kendall and Annie that Spike is deaf and adds that he doesn't know whether the condition is permanent. Erica angrily accuses Adam of scheming to make a move against Zach when he is his most vulnerable and gets him to promise he won't go after him. Adam later calls to push forward his plan. Inviting her to the country club, JR shows Amanda a photo of a yacht. She lays into him for buying the boat but he explains he's been asked by a friend to "boat sit" the yacht and invites her to join him. Looking for Ava, Jonathan stops by Lily's place. Not knowing where her sister is, Lily wonders if she's using drugs again.

Part 3: As Derek and Jack listen using the wire she's wearing, Ava refuses to allow Lenny to frisk her. Frustrated, Lenny threatens to leave but she talks him into staying by promising him a good time afterwards. Just as he's about to hand over the drugs, JR and Amanda interrupt and ruin the deal. Remembering what Lenny does for a living, JR leaks about Ava's involvement with a fake drug bust. Lenny pulls a gun and, as Derek, Jack and the cops arrive, he grabs Ava and threatens to kill her.

All My Children
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