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Part 1: Dr. Norton the specialist explains that he'd like to have Spike taken to his clinic in Dallas for testing using state-of-the-art auditory equipment for babies. The doctor admits that a flight to Texas might do more damage than good for the baby who just had major surgery and, pointing out that he's not in immediate danger, suggests they wait. Kendall becomes hysterical as she realizes that any treatment must be put off until then. Zach surprises her by offering to buy the same equipment and have it shipped to Pine Valley today. Dr. Solomon agrees to test Spike first thing in the morning.

Part 2: Blaming Greenlee (Sabine Singh) for Spike being deaf and blasting him for not being available to her when he was busy helping Derek, Erica orders Jack to force her to leave Pine Valley or Erica will end her relationship with him. The two argue about who is to blame and Jack eventually calls her bluff. Both are unaware that Pam has caught the entire argument on tape. When Adam guesses that he'll die alone and laments how much he misses his family, Stuart encourages him that his family will come back. He suggests Adam pose as him to spend time with Colby. Adam accepts the offer and "Stuart" jumps in to help paint at Krystal's place.

Part 3: Though disappointed that Colby's at work, he's encouraged to hear Krystal admit to Tad that she still "has a weakness for Adam." Adam then gets a chance to hold Jenny. Babe lays into JR for putting his life in danger and reminds him that their son needs his father. JR claims that he wants to start his life over again.

All My Children
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