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Although they work valiantly, Zach and Greenlee (Sabine Singh, soon to be Rebecca Budig) are unable to stop the water from seeping into the bomb shelter as their hopes for escape slip away.

Aidan and Quentin fear the worst when they discover that the water in the abandoned well has frozen over. Aidan tries to fight off the despair he feels when he has to face the fact he may never find Greenlee.

Joe shocks Kendall (Alicia Minshew) and Ryan (Cameron Mathison) with the news that Spike's deafness is actually the result of a pre-existing medical condition - not the result of Greenlee's actions - which only intensifies the guilt Kendall feels about what she did to Greenlee.

Hoping to score points, Erica goes to tell Jack the news about Greenlee's innocence in Spike's condition but only ends up adding to the sorrow he feels for Greenlee. Erica isn't pleased to see Julia spending more time with Jack when Julia brings Kathy over to meet Lily.

Erica (Susan Lucci) is hurt by Jack's rejection. Kendall goes to tell Aidan the news about Greenlee's innocence and ends up getting stranded with him as an ice storm hits. Adam taunts Tad by saying he'll find Kate if Tad drops the custody suit.

All My Children
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