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As All My Children resumes, Aidan and Kendall, along with Quentin, have renewed hopes for locating Zach and Greenlee after finding the blueprints for the bomb shelter.

Aidan and Kendall pray they aren't too late as they find Zach and Greenlee near death. As Aidan tries to breathe life into Greenlee, Kendall goes to be with Zach only to have the shelter begin to collapse.

Ryan (Cameron Mathison) talks sense into Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) when she voices her desire to actually go ahead and kill Richie. Babe is torn about whether or not to hide Richie.

Tad wanders into Father Clarence's chapel with Jenny.

As fate would have it, Krystal soon arrives there as well. Father Clarence helps Tad and Krystal see what's really important. Krystal promises Tad that she will make Jenny her priority from now on - Adam (David Canary) will not be a problem. Adam and Erica trade accusations and insults but Adam bolsters Erica's (Susan Lucci) spirits about her private life.

All My Children
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