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PART I: Everyone is grateful that both Zach and Greenlee survived. Greenlee breaks down when Kendall tells her she's not responsible for causing Spike's deafness.

Zach is overwhelmed to be reunited with Ian and thanks Josh and Erica for being there when Kendall needed it. Erica (Susan Lucci) throws an impromptu party at the hospital as all the extended families count their blessings and celebrate the holiday. Bianca and Miranda surprise everyone.

PART II: Krystal is heartbreakingly honest with Adam as she explains that she and Tad really did get married. She explains they did it for Jenny's sake - Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) couldn't live with having to explain to her daughter why she was with the man that once tried to sell her.

Adam reverts to form and plans on never telling Tad the truth that Kathy is really Kate. Adam ends up alone as Tad and Krystal strive for normalcy as a newly married couple and celebrate Christmas with their family.

All My Children
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