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PART ONE: Derek reports to Zach that new evidence proves JR could not have been behind the wheel of his car in the hit-and-run. Meanwhile, JR informs his father he knows all about Amanda's DVD. Aidan brings a beaming Greenlee the toy tiger he was saving to return to her one day. Jackson is irked to discover police guards posted outside the door of his daughter's hospital room.

PART TWO: A guilt-ridden Kendall flinches when Bianca commends her sister for never giving up hope during Zach's long absence. JR and Adam accuse each other as their feud intensifies. Joe tells Aidan that his girlfriend's recovery won't be overnight, but rather a long process of recuperation.

PART THREE: Jackson asks Greenlee to call him "Dad" from now on. Zach gives Greenlee a humble apology for everything he did to destroy her life before they were trapped together in the shelter. Aidan and Kendall quietly agree to never discuss their moment of weakness. Erica confides to Bianca her fear that she and Jack may be through. JR walks out on his anguished dad.

All My Children
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