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As All My Children resumes, Kendall (Alicia Minshew) confesses her misdeeds to Greenlee, who readily forgives her as the two women vow to work together to make things right for both of them.

Kendall is surprised when Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) describes how close she and Zach became during their ordeal. Zach convinces Aidan that he'll work to protect both Greenlee and Kendall and explains he now sees Greenlee differently. Zach fears Kendall will act before she thinks.

Sure enough, Kendall calls Derek in and confesses to setting up Greenlee.

As Erica voices her optimism about getting back together with Jack to Adam, Jack tells Julia that it is definitely over between him and Erica.

Tad and Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) find themselves struggling to adjust to their celibate marriage and both lust for some passion in their lives.

Bianca visits Babe and the two catch up. Bianca reveals she's not in a relationship with Zoe, but the two remain dear friends. Bianca and Miranda say goodbye to Erica, and return to Paris.

Colby and Sean cover for Dre when a private investigator comes looking for him. Before they can question him on the whole story, Dre takes off.

All My Children
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