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Jonathan goes to Ryan after not hearing from him for days. His brother is still preoccupied with getting all the dirt on Richie that he can. Babe goes to the hospital to see Richie and he finds out she's there.

Zach and Greenlee argue heatedly with one another while trying to break out of the shelter and he starts talking about his boys, who are missing him back home.

Kendall finds Aidan in the woods, searching for Greenlee, as Julia goes to Jack's house and he tells her that Lily is up in her room in shock. He can't figure out for the life of him what is wrong with her.

As she sits in her room, she has visions of her past with Jonathan and her current situation with Richie. At the hospital, Richie makes up a story about why he fell, saying that he was just trying to get up.

Greenlee (Sabine Singh) promises Zach that they will get out of the shelter and he will see his boys. Kendall tries to team up with Aidan but he tells her that there's no way he's doing that after what she did to Greenlee.

Richie manipulates Babe (Amanda Baker) further, telling her he doesn't want any help and kicks her out of his room. Kendall confesses everything to Aidan. She promises that she and Zach will make it up to Greenlee. Aidan still doesn't want to team up with Kendall even after her admission.

Lily starts freaking out, rocking back and forth and yelling "No" over and over. Richie pulls out a shirt of Babe's, smells it, and holds onto it.

After leaving the hospital, Babe goes to Ryan for help getting Richie care. Greenlee and Zach (Thorsten Kaye) come to an understanding and begin being nicer to one another, while working to get themselves out...

All My Children
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