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Ryan (Cameron Mathison) spends some time with Spike before his surgery as Adam becomes increasingly frustrated that JR won't let him out. Ava pretends to be JR's sister to get into prison and try to get him out.

Adam is angry at Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) that she wants to leave to get home to her daughter. Tad will not allow Adam near Jenny. Kendall tells Erica that she confessed everything to Aidan about what she did to Greenlee.

Aidan (Aiden Turner) heads into the woods alone again to continue searching for Greenlee. Ryan holds Spike and tells him to be brave, especially for his mother's sake. Erica (Susan Lucci) finds out that there aren't any leads regarding Zach and Greenlee.

A lawyer shows up to speak with JR, shows him picture of his son, courtesy of Adam, as a little reminder of what he should be fighting for. While Amanda and Babe discuss JR, Ava walks into the Fusion offices.

Adam finds an adoption certificate on the floor at his house. When Krystal arrives home, Tad unleashes his anger at her, for putting Adam first.

Aidan notices that he is being watched in the woods and chases the person down. Amanda pushes Ava's buttons and she grabs her, causing her things to fall to the ground.

Colby visits the jail to see her brother and check in on him. Adam goes to Krystal in order to speak with Tad. Ava finds a disc on the ground that has fallen out of Amanda's bag. She thinks it's a sex tape.

Tad isn't home and Krystal gets hurt so Adam decides they'll have to take Jenny and get her attention. JR tells Olivia, the lawyer, that he doesn't remember being with anyone the night Zach disappeared.

Amanda watches the video that was in her purse, dated November 15, 2007, and JR is drunk, thinking they're going to have sex but Amanda tells him that they need to talk. She asks him for every dirty thing he has ever done. He starts confessing and she's got the proof...

All My Children
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