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Part 1: With the finale of the reality show fast approaching, Jackson and Erica look forward to publicly revealing their reconciliation. Babe and Kendall head to New York City with Spike in the back seat and Greenlee trailing behind in her own car. Krystal explains to Tad why Colby moved out of her father's mansion and will be coming to live with them. Disclosing how he just resigned from the board of directors, JR stuns Adam by offering his father all of his Chandler Enterprises stock.

Part 2: Erica and Jack privately vow never to let their grown children's needs come between them again. Tad assures Colby she's more than welcome to join the "family." At the end of a very long and trying day, Ava gloomily asks Krystal if she can have her job back. Erica tells a delighted Lily and Sean that she and Jackson are indeed reuniting. Adam scoffs at JR's grand gesture and labels his son a miserable failure. Listening over the car's speaker phone, Greenlee grits her teeth to hear Kendall and Babe cooing to baby Spike. Sean confides to his uncle how Ava confessed to framing him on instructions from Adam.

Part 3: JR packs his bags and sadly bids his father farewell. Ava snarls at Krystal and Colby after her request for re-employment is denied. Jackson promises Erica a night to remember. Jonathan and Amanda have a heart-to-heart about his feelings for Ava.

All My Children
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