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Part 1: At the crash site, Greenlee tries desperately to keep Spike conscious and alert. Ryan apologizes to Derek for unloading on him earlier. With the contractions kicking in again, a panicking Kendall fears she's about to lose both of her children but Erica reminds her daughter how Kane women have an inner strength which will see them through. Adam finds Ava at the boathouse and high as a kite. Jackson assures a worried Lily that Spike will come home safe and sound. Fighting through her pain, Greenlee crawls up the rocks towards her cell phone.

Part 2: Furious with the girl for costing him Colby, Adam warns Ava she'll learn what happens to anyone foolish enough to cross him. Zach attempts to keep Kendall's hopes alive. Adam pulls Ava to safety after she falls into the lake. Greenlee manages to place a call to Ryan but passes out before she can say a word. As Kendall's water breaks, Dr. Delano regretfully informs his alarmed patient that her premature baby is on the way.

Part 3: Lily's day gets worse when Ava is brought into the ER suffering from a drug overdose. After tracing the call, Aidan and Ryan rush to the scene of the accident with the paramedics on their heels.

All My Children
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