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Part 1: After receiving Babe's urgent call, Zach and Ryan hastily hire a helicopter to fly them back to Pine Valley. In the ER, Joe attempts to reassure a panicked Kendall as he examines her. When Zach arrives, Joe tells both Slaters they still have a chance to safely halt premature labor. At The Comeback, JR declares to Krystal how severing all ties with Chandler Enterprises has liberated him completely.

Part 2: Ava meets with her drug dealer again. Babe begins to fret when Greenlee fails to show up at the hospital with Spike. Meanwhile, Greenlee tries to calm the wailing baby as they drive through the night. Krystal cautions JR that Amanda has some issues which could prove troublesome down the line. Ryan asks Derek to start a search for Kendall's car. Miffed when Jonathan intervenes, Ava plants a kiss on the drug dealer to prove she's nothing like the saintly Lily. Del and Aidan learn they're about to get another new housemate at Wildwind. Jamie consoles a tearful Babe, who blames herself for leaving Spike in Greenlee's care.

Part 3: Kendall and Zach discover that they're expecting a boy. Realizing she's made a huge mistake, Greenlee decides to take Spike back to his mother but loses control of the car and drives off a cliff into a steep ravine. Ryan convinces Derek to issue an Amber Alert for his missing son. Ava pops pills in an effort to forget her troubles. Zach gets bad news from Ryan and quickly orders his men to join the hunt for Greenlee.

All My Children
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