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Kendall misunderstands Greenlee (Sabine Singh) when she overhears her and Aidan talking. She thinks Greenlee is still after Spike and she'll take care of her. JR mentions in passing to Babe what a horrible day he had.

Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) tries to send a very distracted Babe home from work.

Ryan attacks Richie after he sends his wife old photos of the two of them together. Annie decides she'll go on the trip that Ryan (Cameron Mathison) is forcing Richie to take. Zach tells JR that their deal is off.

Kendall tries to force her way into a hospital room but a nurse catches her. She sweet talks her way out of any trouble but a second later, Julia catches her.

Aidan tells Greenlee just how much he likes and cares about her. Kendall thinks quick and makes up a story about Spike not being able to sleep and wanting a hospital blanket to comfort him.

Julia falls right for it and heads to find her some.

Alone, Kendall steals medicine from the cabinet and sticks it in Spike's diaper bag. Julia (Sydney Penny) shows up with the blankets and Kendall is in the clear.

Ryan brings Richie aboard his plane, and brings in someone to inject him with something. Greenlee and Aidan sleep together. She tells him how much she regrets even considering getting those embryos back.

Krystal tries to remind Babe that she hardly knows Richie and asks what he means to her. Ryan tells Richie that they're not going to kill him.

JR tries to blackmail Zach, saying he'll tell everyone what he did. The problem is that the evidence doesn't exist anymore.  Simone's ghost pleads with Kendall (Alicia Minshew) not to go through with her plan to get rid of Greenlee but she doesn't want to hear it...

All My Children
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