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Adam shows up at Krystal's house with flowers but Tad slams the door in his face. Kendall is frustrated with Zach to her mother and says that she is done with him. Lily runs into Zach on her way to a date.

He's busy with Babe, trying to get close to her.

Ryan (Cameron Mathison) gets a call from the man who says he witnessed the murder Richie committed years ago. He tries to arrange a meeting with the man but he hangs up. Richie notices that Babe keeps looking at him with a sad expression, worried that he's going to die soon.

Lily tells Zach that she and Richie have a lot in common and thinks that he and Kendall are a good match for each other. Erica tries to tell Kendall not to give up on her relationship with Zach. Adam tells Tad that Krystal wants to be with her but Tad wants to hear it himself.

Colby comes home to see Adam, Krystal, and Tad arguing and she wonders what she missed. Kendall calms down and calls Zach to tell him that she's sorry but he doesn't answer. Ryan traces the phone call from the man who knew Richie and offers him protection in exchange for his story.

After their kiss, Babe lets Richie down easy, saying that her life is too complicated. Kendall (Alicia Minshew) worries that Zach is screening call and is refusing to answer. Erica convinces her to go take a walk. 

Adam takes Colby outside to let her know that he's getting back together with Krystal (Bobbie Eakes). She's excited but is also concerned for Tad, who she really cares about.

Richie gets a text message on his phone that shocks him. Adam tells Colby to pack her bags and go with him but she decides to stay with her mom and Tad. Richie seems the message from the man who says he saw him murder someone and leaves Babe (Amanda Baker) to go take care of things.

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