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Ryan (Cameron Mathison) anxiously waits for an email from Tom Brennan, the man who claims to have seen Richie commit murder, but doesn't hear a thing.

Richie grabs a car and heads out to find Tom himself after catching wind of his communications with Ryan and Annie (Melissa Claire Egan).

Josh goes to see Kendall at the hospital and she tries to find Zach but he doesn't know where her husband is. Greenlee (Sabine Singh) tells Aidan she wants to disappear, meaning she doesn't have plans to return.

Josh admits to Kendall that he was in on the plot against Greenlee. Aidan is hesitant to disappear with Greenlee until he can clear her name.

Babe (Amanda Baker) goes to Annie, telling her that she's disgusted at the way she and Ryan are treating Richie.  Jack has a hard time controlling his temper when he runs into JR at The Comeback.

Julia stops Jack from hitting JR a second time, while Jonathan and Ava look on. Annie gets angry at Babe for butting into her family business and making her feelings for Richie known. 

Richie digs into the glove apartment of the car he took and laughs when he realizes it's JR's. Jonathan get a call that forces him to leave Ava to take care of a business matter. As soon as he leaves, she heads to JR.

Kendall (Alicia Minshew) gets a feeling that something is wrong with Zach.  Jonathan calls Ryan to let him know that someone hacked into the computers and rerouted the emails. Ryan knows that it was Richie. 

Ava tries to reach out to JR but he yells at her and storms off. While the police search the premises, Greenlee has a hard time starting her bike so she decides to head off on foot...

All My Children
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