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PART ONE: Aboard his jet, Ryan (current Dancing With the Stars contestant Cameron Mathison) instructs the doctor to draw blood from Richie and test it for leukemia. Aidan confronts Zach and demands to know if he's been scamming Greenlee with a cruel tale about non-existent embryos. Meanwhile, Kendall summons Greenlee to the boathouse for a private meeting late at night. Questioned by Annie, Richie claims he made up the whole story about being deathly ill in order to win Babe's sympathy. JR assures a relieved Babe he hasn't fallen off the wagon despite the lousy day he's had. Aidan accuses Zach of cheating Greenlee out of her most cherished dream.

PART TWO: Erica (Susan Lucci) surprises Jackson (Walt Willey) with a romantic dinner for two aboard the yacht. Kendall tells a delighted Greenlee she really needs her best friend again, more than ever. Babe reminds JR how he's always managed to bounce back from disappointments over the years. Faking an emergency, Kendall asks a hesitant Greenlee to watch Spike for her. Later, Kendall (Sabine Singh) secretly calls the police to report that her son has been abducted. Ryan attempts to convince Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) that she never has to worry about becoming like her brother. JR shows Babe around his boat as they reminisce about the past. Richie talks Ryan into uncuffing him so he can use the bathroom. Kendall (Alicia Minshew) uses the chloroform on herself as she hears the police sirens approaching...

All My Children
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