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As All My Children resumes, Ryan asks Richie how he got rid of Tom before he and Jonathan could get to him. And if you can believe it, that's just the beginning of the day's drama.

Colby (Ambyr Childers) arranges things so that Adam and Tad show up at The Comeback at the same time so that she can ask them to spend Thanksgiving together for her. Kendall presses JR for answers but he doesn't have any. Greenlee finds a flashlight and Zach realizes that they've fallen into a bomb shelter.

JR stands by his story that he has nothing to do with whatever happened to Zach. Kendall tells him that she's going to the police unless he gives her details. He says he had a blackout and doesn't remember anything.

Annie is upset when Ryan (Cameron Mathison) tells her that he wants to invite Richie over for Thanksgiving. Richie and Babe reunite and decide to give their relationship a chance. While people search the woods for Greenlee and Zach, they try to nurse each other's injuries and figure a way out.

At the crash site, JR (Jacob Young) says he has never been there before. Colby makes a decision for the men in her life and demands that Thanksgiving take place on neutral ground - at The Comeback.

Ryan promises Annie that he'll watch Richie like a hawk. A news story comes on about Zach's disappearance. JR makes a call to get rid of his car, which is sitting at an airport. Kendall continues to search for Zach.

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