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As All My Children resumes, Erica and Kendall bring baby Ian home from the hospital at long last. Hearing someone shouting down the entrance to the bomb shelter, Zach and Greenlee call out for help.

Ava and Jonathan arrive at the Laverys' and find Ryan, Annie and Babe in a discussion about Richie. Kendall introduces her son to Myrtle but can't hold back her tears as she wishes Zach were home with their family.

At the psychiatric institution, Janet confides to Amanda how her medication has caused short term memory loss. During a lull in the Thanksgiving Day festivities at The Comeback, Derek informs Jackson and Tad that they may have had a break in the case of the hit-and-run which left Zach among the missing.

JR squirms uneasily when Adam publicly gives thanks for his son's year of sobriety. Zach and Greenlee (Sabine Singh) wonder why they haven't been rescued yet. Meanwhile, Richie seals the hole to the bomb shelter.

Babe balks at participating in Ryan and Annie's scheme to trap Richie.

Joe explains to Jackson how Erica (Susan Lucci) forged Mary's signature on the papers for Greenlee. Myrtle urges Kendall to believe that her husband will be back soon. Greenlee struggles to keep Zach conscious.

All My Children
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