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Kendall (Alicia Minshew) is nervous when she sees a news reporter saying that Zach's chances of being found alive are getting smaller and smaller.

Aidan (Aiden Turner) and Jack use a map of the area to try to narrow down Greenlee's location. Erica (Susan Lucci) calls Lily down to the set to ask her for help in planning a surprise for Jack. Greenlee (Sabine Singh) is still pretending to be Kendall to a delirious Zach.

Tad visits JR in prison while Amanda, Ava, and Babe (Amanda Baker) all wait for their turn with him. Greenlee tries to manipulate Zach to change his feelings about her. JR feels like he's done for.

After Tad (Michael E. Knight) finishes with JR (Jacob Young), the girls decide to let Babe go in to visit her ex first. He tells her to look after their son if he can't be there to help raise him. Amanda heads in next, taking some shots at him, and not offering any moral support. By the time Ava gets to him, he snaps at her.

Tad tries to stop Aidan from taking the search into his own hands, especially with the company he has been keeping. Erica gets on TV, asking for viewers' help to find Zach and Greenlee.

As Kendall, Greenlee tries to convince Zach to come forward with the truth.  Tad decides to go with Aidan and buys Sylvester out of his property. Ava is determined to help prove that JR is innocent.

Zach realizes that he's been talking to Greenlee.

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