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Babe returns to the hospital to tell Richie that JR has been arrested for the hit and run of Zach. Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) and Richie's father also shows up at the hospital to check on his dying son.

Despite Erica's attempts to help Greenlee and Zach be rescued or found, Jack is still upset with her. Kendall calls Derek, looking for word on Zach, but doesn't receive any answers.

Greenlee flips when Zach tells her he wouldn't let Kendall do the right thing and come clean about their plan.

Richie's father expresses anger towards Annie and Ryan (Cameron Mathison) tries to defend her. Babe recounts all the evidence against JR to Richie.

Jack tells Erica (Susan Lucci) that if she wants to make things up to him, she'll convince Kendall to confess, live and on the air, to what she did to Greenlee.

Kendall receives a note from Zach along with jewelry, causing her to break down. Zach thinks that he may have found a way to get out of the shelter.

Richie's father thanks Babe (Amanda Baker) for being such a good friend to his son. Julia (Sydney Penny) tells Ryan that they hospital didn't call Richie's prison psychiatrist, who showed up earlier.

Annie introduces her daughter to her dad as "Uncle Richie's daddy" but admits that he is Emma's grandfather. Zach and Greenlee start their escape as she climbs up a ladder to get out of the shelter...

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