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Part One

Kendall (Alicia Minshew) offers to distract the guard so Annie can sneak into the ER to see her brother. At the precinct house, Ryan promises Greenlee he'll lift the surveillance on her for real this time out of gratitude for the way she's supported his wife. Later, Ryan asks Zach for help making Richie disappear.

After arranging for the paparazzi to snap these "celebrity photos," Ava proudly displays her new "Yes" tattoo to a startled Jonathan as her way of answering his marriage proposal. Adam and Hannah scramble to cover their tracks in front of a curious Krystal. JR triumphantly reveals to Amanda how Zach agreed to finance his beauty network in exchange for a certain favor.

Part Two

Jonathan's reaction to her publicity stunt throws Ava for a loop

After swearing Amanda (Chrishell Strause) to secrecy, JR confides why he's on a mission to drive Greenlee out of Fusion. Desperate to keep her husband out of jail, Annie tells a sneering Richie she'll confess to perjuring herself if he'll let Ryan off the hook. Greenlee is thrilled when Kendall suggests they take their tentative reconciliation to the next level.

Adam pressures Hannah to work faster to get the goods on Slater. Ava wonders if her fiance is already getting cold feet but Jonathan assures her he's eager to tie the knot. Later, JR warns Ava she'll blow her shot at fame and fortune if she makes the mistake of marrying Jonathan.

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