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PART ONE: Richie arrives for Ryan and Aidan's arraignment and insists on giving his side of the story. Kendall promises Spike that Greenlee is going to get exactly what she so richly deserves. Thrilled to learn that JR (Jacob Young) already has the financing in place for the beauty network, Ava crows about becoming a supermodel overnight. Richie surprises everyone in the courtroom when he announces that Aidan and Ryan never tried to kill him. Kendall writes another twisted journal entry for Greenlee's computer.

PART TWO: Claiming he put the noose around his own neck, Richie asks the police to release the innocent men they've been holding. JR warns a bristling Ava that marrying a lunatic like Jonathan Lavery (Jeff Branson) will sabotage what otherwise could be a brilliant career. After he and Aidan are released, Ryan confronts his brother-in-law with his lies. Kendall imagines how Greenlee will react once she realizes how badly she's been conned by her "friend." JR and Ava end up in another liplock. Greenlee wheedles Aidan into letting her help dig up dirt on Annie's brother.

All My Children
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