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PART ONE: Zach provides JR with documentation "proving" that Greenlee's embryos are still viable. Aidan is disappointed when Greenlee again postpones joining him in Chicago so she can continue to spend time with Kendall and Spike instead. Annie admits to Ryan how nervous she is about her brother retaliating for the dirty trick they played on him the other day. Meanwhile, Richie asks Babe (Amanda Baker) if her mom might consider giving him his old job back. Joe senses Kendall's hesitation when he offers to schedule Spike's cochlear implant surgery for just a few weeks hence.

PART TWO: Aidan can't hide from Greenlee his suspicions about Kendall's (Alicia Minshew) willingness to forgive and forget. Richie implores Babe to understand that Annie's stories about him are nothing but vicious lies perpetuated by a twisted sister with a sick mind. After Joe explains Spike's procedure to Zach, Kendall, Annie and Ryan, all concerned agree to go forward with the boy's surgery. Babe orders Richie to leave The Comeback and never contact her again. JR baits a trap for an unsuspecting Greenlee. Posing as a reporter, Aidan questions Jay's parents about their son's tragic death.

Greenlee is stunned to think she might still have the chance to bear Ryan's child. Richie offers Babe a valuable baseball card as a gift for little A.

All My Children
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