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PART I: Surprised to spot Babe (Amanda Baker, no longer Alexa Havins) about to burn a Mickey Mantle rookie card, Tad advises her to put the item away for little A's college fund instead. Kendall summons Greenlee to the condo, then grimly announces that the time has come to account for her crimes. Babe goes to the Pine Cone motel to see Richie and finds him packing his bags. "Stuart" drops in on a flustered Krystal.

Kendall (Alicia Minshew) forces Greenlee to look at the bloodstains on Spike's car seat and demands the exact details of the night which left her son changed forever. Tad lends Ryan a sympathetic ear as he bemoans how Annie's brother has become a thorn in his side.

PART II: Colby encourages Corrina to become the face of Fusion. "Stuart" hints to Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) how much better off his twin would be if he could visit her and Jenny once in a while. Richie admits to Babe that the manager of the Pine Cone evicted him after his true identity was revealed. A sobbing Greenlee reluctantly shows Kendall how she found Spike following the crash. An intrigued Ren quizzes Sean about his fling with Ava. Aidan begins to wonder why he hasn't heard from Greenlee.

Though Richie refuses to take back his gift, Babe insists on returning the baseball card. Greenlee tells a weeping Kendall the last words Spike heard before his world went silent. Richie arrives for a job interview and is taken aback to discover himself face to face with Ryan.

All My Children
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