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PART I: Greenlee hints to an astounded Kendall that Spike could have a new baby brother or sister soon. After luring Richie to his office, Ryan (Cameron Mathison) advises his brother-in-law to accept a check for one million dollars and leave town forever. As Jonathan meets with a party planner, Ava arrives sporting a large cowboy hat to hide her new do from her fiance. Krystal accuses a baffled Adam of giving Annie's psychotic brother a job just to keep him in Pine Valley. After Richie rips up his check, Ryan offers to provide him with gainful employment instead.

PART II: Zach reminds a grateful Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) how she's found a new family who loves her. Greenlee hastens to cover for her slip of the lip, then endures another tongue-lashing from a furious Kendall. Adam and Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) reopen old wounds during their latest quarrel. Ava finally unveils her outrageous hairstyle to Jonathan as JR and Amanda (Chrishell Strause) look on. Kendall again convinces Greenlee that she wants to work through her anger and get their friendship back on track. Richie agrees to Ryan's terms for his new employment. An annoyed Amanda presses JR to admit that he wants Ava.

  • Adam and Krystal fall into a passionate clinch.
  • Annie, Emma and Spike become trapped in a stalled elevator.
All My Children
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