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PART ONE: Annie is astounded when her husband explains why he gave Richie a job at Cambias Industries. Ava sheepishly admits to Lily how much she regrets her ridiculous new hairstyle. Encountering Babe in the park, Richie tries to convince her he wants only to make peace with his sister after years of enmity. Ryan shows Annie the camera he had installed in her brother's new office. Hannah informs Adam (David Canary) she's done spying for him. Meanwhile, a furious Tad takes Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) to task for getting busy with the very man who once tried to sell her baby to total strangers.

PART TWO: Concerned when Lily (Leven Rambin) confides how she's met a handsome guy named Richard with whom she shares much in common, Ava questions her sister more closely. Adam threatens to expose Hannah's affair with the late, unlamented Alexander unless she continues to do his bidding. Babe wonders if she can trust Richie's fervent declaration that he no longer wants to carry out a vendetta against Annie. Krystal apologizes to Tad for breaking her promise and confesses that Adam still manages to get under her skin. After watching Richie discard an empty vial, Babe (Amanda Baker) fishes the pill container out of the trash.

All My Children
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