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PART I: Finding his research about hearing remedies for deaf kids, Ryan angrily confronts Richie who laughs at his showing of anger. He then points out that thanks to his "numbers work," he's learned that there's a 98 percent chance of success with the cochlear implant surgery. Jack argues with Erica who fears that Greenlee is going to take Kendall's (Alicia Minshew) baby. She points out all she has done to Spike but Jack claims Greenlee's plans have nothing to do with Kendall's son. Erica (Susan Lucci) comes up with a job offer for Greenlee that will force her to move to Paris but Jack refuses to tell her about the offer.

PART II: Aidan (Aiden Turner) shows Greenlee his laptop research that shows her fertilized eggs are alive and not destroyed as Zach claimed. She guesses that Zach was going to use them to blackmail Ryan and Kendall but Aidan thinks Zach may have wanted them to find this out. When Kendall refuses to cancel a play date so that the three of them can have a picnic together, Zach guesses that she's up to something. Kendall arrives at the park to meet Greenlee, armed with a gun. Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) again warns Babe not to believe that Richie is the guy he paints himself to be.

PART III: Babe (Amanda Baker) reveals she did research into pills she saw her brother throw away. JR advises Adam that the launch will take place before Christmas but won't tell his curious father about the details. JR refuses to confirm Adam's guess that Zach is his only backer and downplays his concern for what Zach and Greenlee (Sabine Singh) may do to him. Adam invites him to "partner up" with him and then they can buy Zach out. JR vows to be a success.

All My Children
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