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PART ONE: Erica (Susan Lucci) appeals to Adam (David Canary) for help having Greenlee (Sabine Singh) committed to a sanitarium against her will.

Meanwhile, Zach finds his wife waiting for Greenlee in the park with a gun concealed inside her purse. Annie confronts her brother with the vial of pills but he denies being terminally ill. JR tells Greenlee he wants all of her shares of Fusion in exchange for information on her missing embryos. Kendall admits to Zach how frazzled she's become by her overwhelming hatred for the woman who injured Spike.

PART TWO: Ryan warns Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) that Richie is scamming her again in an obvious play for sympathy. At The Comeback, Richie accuses Babe of invading his privacy. Though outraged at the notion of JR holding her future offspring for ransom, Greenlee is forced to consider giving in to his demands. Babe (Amanda Baker) explains to Richie why she felt Annie had the right to know her brother is dying of leukemia.

Zach tells Kendall (Alicia Minshew) that their mutual enemy will be brought to justice soon enough. Adam agrees to lend Erica expertise. Annie confides to Ryan (Cameron Mathison) that despite everything Richie did she doesn't want her brother to die. Kendall assures her husband she's through plotting vendettas. Adam begins pulling strings to land Greenlee in a padded cell.

All My Children
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