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PART I: Greenlee confides to Aidan how tempted she is to give in to JR's demands. With their son growing stronger every day, Zach and Kendall grow eager to take baby Ian home from the hospital. Jonathan drops by to talk with his brother and Annie about his engagement. Meanwhile, Ava struggles to fight off her undeniable attraction to JR (Jacob Young). At The Comeback, a beaming Tad tells Julia he had more fun the night before than he's had in ages. Kendall, Zach, Annie and Ryan (Cameron Mathison) celebrate upon learning that Spike is finally well enough to undergo the cochlear implant surgery.

PART II: JR taunts Ava about her obvious infatuation. Aidan encourages a reluctant Greenlee (Sabine Singh) to do the right thing and consult with Ryan before she makes any decisions about her embryos. Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) raises an eyebrow when she realizes that Tad's new bed partner is none other than Hannah. Touched by Aidan's (Aiden Turner) show of support, Greenlee nearly blurts out the "L" word during her emotional display of gratitude. Ryan assures Jonathan he'd be honored to be his brother's best man. Ava and JR share another kiss. Later, a guilt-ridden Ava tells Jonathan she wants to set their wedding date for as early as possible.

All My Children
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