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Part One

Ryan and Annie return home and try desperately to reach Julia by phone.

After rain ruins their picnic plans, "Wes" and Babe take Emma and little Adam to a nearby cabin for shelter. JR reminds Greenlee how much they have in common since falling out of favor with their former best friend. Hannah admits to Zach that she lied when she claimed she was fine with not having his child. In the NICU, a tearful Kendall tells Josh how one of Ian's fellow preemies passed away despite the staff's best efforts to save her. Julia explains to Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) why Babe (Amanda Baker) took Emma for a play date with her young son.

Part Two

Hannah tells Zach their last night together meant the world to her.

A curious Babe asks "Wes" about his own family. Kendall is thrilled to learn that she can finally feed baby Ian for the first time. Annie phones Babe, who assures Emma's mom that everything is fine. Greenlee confesses to JR how she wishes things could be as they once were. Zach reminds Hannah that her memory of that night is faulty because he actually refused to have sex.

Forced back to reality, Hannah admits that she only fantasized about making love with her old flame. Ryan and Annie realize that Richie is with Emma after Greenlee recognizes the photo of "Wes."

Kendall and Josh walk into Zach's office at Cambias to find him consoling Hannah with a hug...

All My Children
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