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PART I: A combative Jackson and Erica arrive on the set for their first day's taping of "He Said, She Said." Certain Aidan (Aiden Turner) is working for Ryan, Greenlee hauls off and slaps the startled P.I. As she doubles over in pain, Ava blurts out to JR that she fears she's pregnant. At Fusion, Annie is shaken by flashbacks from her troubled past. Aidan assures Greenlee he hasn't been spying on her.

JR hurries Ava to the emergency room.

PART II: Greenlee's surprised when Adrian kicks Ryan's real P.I. out of the Comeback and denies that he would help Ryan. As they remember their night together, the two decide to have dinner out on the beach. Erica and Jack find themselves agreeing with each other as they offer advice on relationship problems but Pam stops the taping and warns they've just put their viewing audience to sleep.

The two end up arguing on camera, much to Pam's delight.

PART III: Later, Erica admits she doesn't like to argue with him. After JR brings her to the ER, Joe warns a pained Ava that he needs to remove her appendix but she doesn't want the procedure because the resulting scars may interfere with her modeling career. Lily asks her to go under the knife because she doesn't want her sister to die.

PART IV: Hearing about her odd flashbacks, Babe (Amanda Baker) suggests that Annie take more than a few days off from work and invites her to join her at the bar with her mom. There, Annie panics when she spots Aidan holding her mother's locket that she threw into the water. Later, when he arrives on the beach to meet Greenlee, someone grabs the locket and runs off.

All My Children
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